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Keys To The New Place


Our Founder

Trisha Roy's background and education

Trisha Roy is a speaker, international realtor and business broker, instructor, and diversity and sustainability specialist. She holds a broad spectrum understanding of international culture, business, and real estate education. 

She teaches audiences from realtors to small business owners, with her core areas of specialization being in living and design sustainability, and cultural proficiency and assimilation. She was invited to speak at the National Association of Realtors Convention in 2020 and 2022.

Trisha holds two Masters degrees; one in the areas of Ecology and Environment, with a specialization in conservation ecology, and the other in Business Management, with a special focus on the environmental impact of unplanned business growth in the Flint, Michigan area.

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Our Story

Open Spaces International School of Real Estate is an authorized center for realtor development. We are based in Florida, and we directly serve realtors and provide designations and certifications.

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